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A UK hallmark is a legally recognised three part mark, stamped upon articles of precious metal by one of the four British Assay Offices; certifying that their standard of purity has been tested and achieved by the article in question.


All our jewellery is made from solid Sterling Silver. The majority of pieces are fully hallmarked, with the exception of some smaller items, such as earrings, weighing under 7.78g - which is the legal requirement for hallmarking silver items.  

See further information about UK Hallmarks here:


Below is an enlarged view of the hallmark found

on a piece of our jewellery.

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Sponsors' mark:

The makers' unique shape and initials -Emma Atherton

Fineness mark:

Denotes the type and purity of precious metal. 925 within an oval indicates Sterling Silver

Assay mark:

The Anchor denotes Birmingham Assay Office

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Hallmark on a bracelet

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